Dienekis Information Systems has developed the FRAUDLESS application which is based on the RiskShield Intelligent Risk Information System of the INFORM company and is addressed to the banking sector. FRAUDLESS is utilized by banks for detecting fraud cases.

Fraud Prevention

The FRAUDLESS application prevents abuse with cashless payment systems worldwide. Designed as a true multi channel solution, FRAUDLESS provides fraud prevention and anti money laundering for:


arw0 Credit card portfolios (Visa, MasterCard)

arw0 Debit card portfolios (Visa Debit, Maestro, Switch)

arw0 Internet banking

arw0 Transaction banking

arw0 Mobile payment (GSM)

FRAUDLESS is a full 24x7 real time system. It prevents fraud by intercepting with fraudulent transactions online and by generating case reports for offline investigation. For each portfolio, FRAUDLESS prevents fraud at both issuerΆs and acquirerΆs end.

Multi Channel

FRAUDLESS is the only fraud prevention system that was crafted to be a multi channel solution by design. One investment into FRAUDLESS will protect all your applicable lines of business from fraud damage and will alert you to money laundering activities. In this way FRAUDLESS delivers maximum savings at minimum implementation and operation costs.

Complete Solution

FRAUDLESS supports all business processes and workflows relevant to establish fraud prevention within your enterprise. While the FRAUDLESS -Server assesses transactions in real time and intercepts with fraudulent behaviour, other FRAUDLESS components provides analysis, simulation, reporting, auditing, and case investigation processes.

Easy Integration

In any IT project, systems integration is a crucial step. With FRAUDLESS, we have taken great care to provide easy integration by design. Because all complex processing is entirely encapsulated within FRAUDLESS, only one message to and one from FRAUDLESS is sufficient for full real time integration. FRAUDLESS interfaces use XML, the most modern and flexible interface format available. The proof of "easy integration" is the experience of FRAUDLESS users with "purchase to live implementation" periods from 4 to 8 months.


We deliver FRAUDLESS with complete fraud prevention logic, adapted to the specific fraud patterns of your region and portfolios. While you can rely on us to deliver you with updates of the fraud prevention logic, you do not have to. FRAUDLESS can be fully adopted by your business experts.

Rapid Adaptation

Fraud is a moving target. New fraud schemes and perils are constantly evolving. Established fraud schemes rapidly evolve into new variants. FRAUDLESS enables you to detect such fraud patterns immediately, analyze how they can be defended, and deploy countermeasures within just hours.

Rapid Return

The focus of FRAUDLESS is strictly to maximize savings and minimize customer disruption. FRAUDLESS guides your staff to the most result effective way to combat fraud. No time is wasted in the lengthy investigation exercises that are not worth putting time in.

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