Dienekis Information Systems has materialized the planning and installation of an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system in  AON Turner Reinsurance Services.

The installation of the particular system aims at supporting the management and storage of documents (both in hard copy and electronic format) by using the FileNet’s technology.   The system is consisted of a central repository in which all company’s documents are filed as well as of  workstations for the storage, classification and finding of AON’s documents.

The documents that are managed through the system are classified into three categories:

Conventional mail (documents that are dispatched via the post office)


Electronic documents (via email)

The documents of the first category are digitalized and stored in the capture repository.  The documents of the second category are stored as well in the capture repository.  Then, both the documents of the first and second category are classified and stored in the central repository. The documents of the third category are classified and stored directory into the central repository. 

The user of the system can search and retrieve any document that has been registered in it by using one or more criteria.

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