Cosmo ONE


This project concerns the development of the first horizontal electronic market in Greece. CosmoONE Hellas MarketSite is the first company in Greece that promoted e-commerce services for enterprises. Today it operates and manages the Horizontal Electronic Market b2bmarketsite and has developed the Electronic Auction service b2bauctions.

Description of the installed equipment:

Procurement of the Commerce One 5.0™ platform and Data Center of the company, which consists of 37 servers on a Microsoft platform.

Commerce One 5.0™, which was designed as an application on a scalable basis enables low sign-in cost and helps customers to focus on significant activities, such as procurement, sourcing and auctioning, aiming to achieve a faster bottom-line performance of their initial investment.

Moreover, it enables customers to expand their capabilities in the field of e-commerce by adding new applications. Commerce One 5.0™ combines Commerce One Buy™ and Commerce One Source™ applications with the Commerce One Collaborative Platform™, which links them in order to support the business processes both internally and through enterprises.

Customers are able to design business process flows for their own companies and for their trading partners, without any additional cost.


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