National Documentation Center

Project: Scanning and storage of large quantities of documents (based on the FileNet P8 Content Manager platform).

The project scope was to implement a system that will be able to manage the scanning and storage of large quantities of documents.  The implemented system includes the complete hardware and software infrastructure in order to manage documents from a variety of sources such as microfilm, microfiche, books, films and A1-A4 documents. Documents are scanned, processed in order to improve image quality, indexed and stored in the system’s central object repository. Users are able to search and retrieve documents, as well as view all index properties depending on security access rights. Also, selected documents and their properties are exported to DVD removable medium. Using the implemented system, the goal of the National Documentation Center is to provide Document Management services to other organizations.

Additionally, basic business processes have been implemented using specific sequential workflows. The National Documentation Center is using the system as a pilot environment to test the use of workflows to model specific business processes.

The implemented system is based on the FileNet P8 Content Manager platform. The system is running in a Windows 2000 environment using two servers (Core Engines and Application Engine). Regarding the database server, the existing Oracle 9i RDBMS environment is used which is running on the National Documentation Center‘s central SUN Solaris server.


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