Why Informatica? Why Now?

Data Integration. It's what Informatica does. Informatica enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage in today's global information economy by empowering companies with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives. Dienekis is the sole distributor of Informatica Products in Greece and Cyprus. Find more about Informatica here.

Informatica Data Integration:  Get Trusted Data to the Right People at the Right Time

No matter how badly data is fragmented across systems and platforms, IT can now give the business fast, direct access to trusted relevant data with the Informatica Data Integration product suite.

Informatica PowerCenter for Data Integration

Informatica PowerCenter serves as the foundation for all data integration projects. It enables companies to access data from disparate systems, across platforms and projects for complete data integration. Deliver data in batch, near real-time or real-time modes to meet the analytical and data integration needs of your business without having to recode by reusing common definitions and data mapping logic. 

Informatica PowerExchange for Data Integration

Informatica PowerExchange supports any current and future data integration requirements, enabling companies to access and deliver mission-critical data integration, wherever it is needed, without having to develop custom data connectivity. Reduce costs, leverage new technologies more easily and increase IT agility.

Informatica Data Services for Data Integration

Informatica Data Services gives businesses fast, direct access to the data they need. It replaces traditional data integration with data virtualization, which turns the many disparate data sources across the enterprise into one logical view of the business. Role-based tools and a unified data integration platform empower businesses with critical data while IT retains control, accelerating Business-IT collaboration.

Informatica Application Information Lifecycle Management: Control the Size of Your Data and the Cost of Managing It with Information Lifecycle Management

The Informatica Application Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)  product family helps your IT organization manage every phase of the data lifecycle, from development and testing to archiving and retirement. Information lifecycle management reduces total cost of ownership while increasing return on investment for enterprise business applications by:

  • Managing data growth
  • Optimizing test data management
  • Supporting regulatory compliance
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Supporting corporate divestitures and reorganizations
  • Safely retiring legacy systems and applications


Informatica Data Archive

Informatica Data Archive helps IT organizations manage increasing data volumes in production environments with information lifecycle management by safely archiving application data and data warehouses, providing seamless access to archived data, and delivering the archived data to the business as needed.

Informatica Data Subset

Informatica Data Subset automates the task of creating smaller, targeted databases from large, complex databases with information lifecycle management. With referentially intact, smaller targeted copies of production data, IT organizations can dramatically reduce the amount of time, effort, and disk space necessary to support nonproduction environments.

Informatica Data Warehouse Advisor

Informatica Data Warehouse Advisor, part of the information lifecycle management product family, monitors how business units and departments use data so that IT organizations can better manage data warehouse and data integration processes, better justify costs, and better prioritize resources.

Informatica Data Masking: Comply With Regulations and Reduce the Risk of a Data Breach

From development to testing and training, Informatica Data Masking supplies you with the data masking tools necessary to secure your non-production sensitive or confidential data in your nonproduction data systems.

Sensitive personal, financial, and health information is protected by a web of industry and governmental data privacy regulations. If organizations fail to maintain data privacy, they face hefty financial and legal penalties as well as a total loss of consumer and market confidence. The Informatica solution for Data Security will:

  • Block exposure of sensitive production data to unauthorized users
  • Help you comply with data privacy regulations and organization-wide data privacy mandates
  • Lower the risk of a data breach and retain customer confidence


Ensure Data Privacy in Both Production and Non-production Applications without Affecting Performance

Organization-wide data privacy policies allow application end-users, DBA’s, developers, testers, trainers, production support, and business analysts to perform their functions well while maintaining data security.

Persistent Data Masking

Protect sensitive nonproduction data and ensure data privacy by creating masked development, test, and training copies that keep processes optimal while lowering the risk of compromising data privacy.

Dynamic Data Masking

Protect personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive or confidential information from unauthorized access to production or near-production databases by blocking or masking data utilizing seamless integration with LDAP, ActiveDirectory and Identity Access Management (IAM) software.

Pervasive Data Quality for Trusted Data

Find and fix the data quality problems—wherever they are—that cost your company millions. Leave no domain, no application, no geography uncovered. Get all the right people on board, and help them take responsibility. Get the data clean, and keep it clean.

Informatica Data Quality transforms the way your business works. It enables everyone to trust all your data, for all your needs, all the time.

Informatica Data Quality delivers authoritative and trustworthy data quality to all stakeholders, all projects, and all data domains for all projects and all business applications—on premise or in the cloud—using a single, unified platform. With Informatica Data Quality, you can:

  • Proactively monitor and cleanse the data for all applications and keep it clean
  • Enable the business to share in the responsibility for data quality and data governance
  • Achieve better business outcomes with trusted enterprise data


AddressDoctor Software Library

The AddressDoctor Software Library is an application programming interface that enables address validation. The application parses, cleanses, and standardizes global address data, applies geocoordinates for specific countries, and provides address validation.

Informatica Identity Resolution

Informatica Identity Resolution (formerly owned by Identity Systems and Search Software America/SSA) is robust, highly scalable software that enables companies and government organizations to search and match identity data from more than 60 countries in batch and real time.

Informatica MDM: Master Your Data, Master Your Business

Inconsistent and duplicate business-critical data—such as customers, products, partners, and suppliers—stored in different formats in disparate systems across the enterprise can impede strategic business imperatives. Without MDM, and thus without access to consolidated and reliable data, it is more difficult to acquire and retain customers, leverage operational efficiency as a competitive differentiator, accelerate speed-to-value from acquisitions, and support informed decision-making across the enterprise. Informatica’s MDM solution is the answer.

Informatica MDM solves these problems by providing access to consolidated and reliable business-critical data—also known as master data—across the enterprise, empowering employees to effectively address business priorities. Leading firms in financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, government, energy and many other industries rely on Informatica MDM to successfully drive key business imperatives, including:

  • Increasing revenue by maximizing account penetration through relevant cross-sell and up-sell offers to customers via MDM.
  • Increasing profits and retaining valuable customers with MDM by aligning service delivery to an accurate measure of customer value.
  • Improving efficiency through MDM by optimizing account coverage with the elimination of gaps and conflicts among channel partners.
  • Accelerating M&A speed-to-value leveraging MDM by combining critical data assets more efficiently and getting a reliable view of the combined company’s assets.
  • Lowering costs by optimizing business processes, reducing risk and improving time-to-value with MDM.
  • Supporting compliance with state, federal, and industry regulations by implementing MDM solutions.
  • Driving more confident decision-making with MDM across the global enterprise with consolidated and reliable business-critical data.


Customers in Greece

A growing number of the biggest Greek companies are using Informatica products to realize ETL and other projects.

These companies include the following:


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