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AutomatedLending is a comprehensive loan origination system, designed to bring efficiencies and controls to streamline the loan origination process. It tracks the origination of a loan from the initial request through the initial funding. It enables banks to set production goals, measure production volumes against these goals and analyze the quality of loan requests being submitted by third parties.

It enables the quick qualification of loan requests, full underwriting, multi-level credit sign-offs, along with pre-closing and post-closing due diligence. Integrated document generation, document tracking, task lists, business rules and email functions provide a collaborative workspace for a consistent view of the status of a deal across all involved parties.


AutomatedLending supports the administration of mortgage, consumer, cards and commercial loans approval process, from the very beginning (customer application) to money-draw.

FileNet P8 platform based technology

Based on FileNet P8 platform, the best of breed ECM technology, AutomatedLending integrates easily all necessary information with the core banking back office administration procedures and systems, while it utilizes a customer centric environment.

ILOG J Rule's connector

AutomatedLending enables seamless integration with ILOG JRules allowing the various routes in a business process to be associated with the evaluation of specific business logic, resulting in business empowerment, in-flight process changes and multi-dimensional business processes.

Interfaces to third-party vendors

Seamless integration to host processor and third-party vendors results to less time and less recourses to upload loans to bank's core system.

Powerful business process options

The configurable workflow options allow for the system's customization according to bank's specific work and business needs.

Paperless environment

Electronic documents can bring significant benefits in terms of allowing lenders to manage large volume of documentation more effectively and removing the need for linear, sequential processing.

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