Loan Origination System - AUTOMATED LENDING

The Challenge

As the interest rates begin climbing, banks are looking for ways to decrease the cost of their loan offers while improving the customer experience of the origination process, specifically by reducing the turnaround times and allowing customers to originate loans via multiple chennels.

At present, many Banks have implemented automation systems for retail loan origination and mortgages, however most existing solutions are weak on the integration side and provide limited support for collaborative origination processes (workflows) and business rules.

The Solution


is a comprehensive loan originator system, designed to bring efficiencies and controls to streamline the load originaton process. It trakcs the origination of the loan from the initial request through the initial funfing. It enables Banks to set production goals, measure production volumes against these goals and analyze the quality of the loan requests being submitted by third parties.

Key benefits

  • Profitability boost
  • Business process refinement
  • Productivity enchancement
  • Decision making improvement
  • Paperwork elimination
  • Cost Decrease
  • Customer service enchancement
  • Flexibility improvement
  • Security enhancement
  • Compliance to regulatory chalenges
  • Transparency improvement
  • Sales cycle shortening